downloadThe essence of that aura,

was lost with our love of era,

nevertheless feelings were engraved,

latched to our souls,

even while blinking flashback came over,

though black-whitish short film were like cherry,

the present haunts me to relive the past,

to reveal the past and cast shadows on my present,

but with the breeze of sorrow,

the latched and engraved feelings were blown,

and now all that’s left is a soul with no soul to live.



Again the echoing of silence was heard.


Was it a mayday ?

no chirruping of birds,

no razzle-dazzle of life,

felt like corpse all around,

was it ?

just a silent breeze of wind,

gently touching my soul,

dry leaves walking with me,

as the wind blows,

time might have stopped,

things were reluctant to change,

everything’s fading,

it was clueless like being oblivious,

but memories were rooted in soul,

all i can feel was you,

though wind,

but it made a sensation of u,

but i knew sometimes at some point,

the wind is gonna blow it off,

petrifying to lose you,

the warmth of that sensation,

was it really gone ?

i looked around and was seeking,

but i couldn’t found you,

then was stuck in mayhem,

cold fleeted, shivering hands,

the breeze started to rush,

so does my breathe,

my soul was felt less with the breeze gone,

the sensation that created you, was snatched

with the dry leaves settled,

my life went dry with leaves,

my breathe took it off,

and my soul was forever gone,

again the echoing of silence was heard.

So much to live alive rather than melodrama,

not contradicting but these differ in thoughts,

they speak of gathering after 30 years,

and talking about could have been,

Well it’s all about observation for me now,

rather than indulging in it,

I like to notice much and hear all the maybe nuisance talks,

but the best part is the polite music. [cliched]


There are places far uphill,

Places uptown to them,

Secluded from the crowd,

Where u dwell into peace,

Not as a loner in a lonely place,

But as a seeker to those place which are not lonely,

It’s just people don’t go there,

With the accompanying sound of breeze and breathe,

I wish not to blink,

Such was the mesmerizing mountains,

And the surrounding Alpine trees,

I felt oblivious towards nature,

I was in it,

Rejuvenating my inner peace ,

It was such an intact with peace,

As I kept exploring,

The beauty of real beauty that exist around me.


Over the years we have been together,

Over the night we had each other,

The rhythm of love was among us,

For it was like agape,

bounded together,

felt good always had, always will, though fights,

keeping alive,

There was this spotlight for us,

Every time i looked into your eyes,

no wonder why i admired it so much,

but now,

the love has become moondust,

love being secluded, far far away,

now all i wish for,

Every night you be fine and mine,


Every morning will you be mine ?



Life never let the quest end,

The reality of life is sometimes compromised,

Even disappointing,

But don’t take it personally,

Because the intention of life,

And the destiny is what makes you personally,

A kind of being,

That depicts though disappointment and failures,

Try to be the most successful failure.


Felt like an owl,

With obvious silent and,

As Thought streaming like a river,

Sleepy sleepless night,

On the cliff of mountain,

Made of thoughts,

Of rememberance & memories,

All yours it was,

Still that stream of you had this portion on me,

Overwhelming though but more of a satisfaction that stillness of you resides within me.


Not till the moon and stars come up,

But till the dawn of every rise my love grows for u,

It’s not like the fragrance of flowers which vanishes,

But it’s like the soil beneath it which lets it grow,

My love for u is like the sun rise,

Even though it sets but still we know that its there on the other side,

We r on the lovers paradise,

Instead we make it paradise of love.

Your cheeks like rose,

Your lips like cotton candy,

But I m much fond of your eyes like our vision of future in it,

Your hands like gloves,

Your hugs like reliable dress,

Which I won’t take off,

And your heart like saints of pure love which stills in me.❤️

Up high

It was this vision,

Where above the clouds,

Bout to go dusk,

It was so vivid,

Like an ocean on the clouds,

With an orange horizon,

Felt so serene,

Just like meditation,

But on other scale,

Undescribed yet sensational,

Being like in dreams to heaven.