Again the echoing of silence was heard.


Was it a mayday ?

no chirruping of birds,

no razzle-dazzle of life,

felt like corpse all around,

was it ?

just a silent breeze of wind,

gently touching my soul,

dry leaves walking with me,

as the wind blows,

time might have stopped,

things were reluctant to change,

everything’s fading,

it was clueless like being oblivious,

but memories were rooted in soul,

all i can feel was you,

though wind,

but it made a sensation of u,

but i knew sometimes at some point,

the wind is gonna blow it off,

petrifying to lose you,

the warmth of that sensation,

was it really gone ?

i looked around and was seeking,

but i couldn’t found you,

then was stuck in mayhem,

cold fleeted, shivering hands,

the breeze started to rush,

so does my breathe,

my soul was felt less with the breeze gone,

the sensation that created you, was snatched

with the dry leaves settled,

my life went dry with leaves,

my breathe took it off,

and my soul was forever gone,

again the echoing of silence was heard.


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