Living with HONOUR

Honour is to live with dignity, but honourable is to be worthy of respect. And that involves a sense of human dignity. In order to live with dignity we need to have a sense of:

  1. Fairness which leads to justice.
  2. Empathy leading to compassion.
  3. Integrity leading to trust.

This is the vision that needs to be followed for upbringing the society.

There’s should be a burning desire and the capability to create a benchmark and create value for work and life in yourself and most importantly that should impact on others/society.

It’s OK to be on the other side of track besides yeoman’s work but the need to help others. Be an admiration to others, so that you yourself will have some meaning of life and will earn respect from others and from your inner self by doing good deeds not only for yourself but for others too, after all “LIVE LIVED FOR OTHERS IS WORTH LIVING“. Even people are reluctant to change but without changing growth is impossible and the track for growth is the way leading to dignified life with honour;  integrity, compassion, sincerity and with determination will guide throughout the way.



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