In Real

There comes a time,

when nothing but everything overcomes in your mind,

all what’s left is nothing but the dilemma,

the same dilemma either pushes you up or take you down,

which makes you overthink, either leading towards your reach,

or makes you go crazy thinking it again and again, avoiding and

petrifying you to move ahead.

This phase of life, though it’s a phase but still haven’t you deal with it,

you no longer going to earn the struggle of mental dilemma and failure,

this phase and time of life is what makes you shine just like iron being beaten up to make it into shape,

Even though the mental torture sometimes resides into you and into your veins,

but failure is what you see to avoid doing it and build up your journey towards the reach what you have dreamt of and petrified of for making it initiate.

You have to be AWAKE !




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